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There are several dance styles for which we offer instruction. Please take a moment to browse the different descriptions of each below.

A style of dance that manipulates rhythmic patterns. Each class uses a progressive system of tap technique designed to teach basic steps and correct terminology. Tap combinations are constructed into routines at appropriate technique levels.

A classic dance form emphasizing proper technique and alignment. Barre, center floor and across the floor combinations are taught to achieve progression. Ballet is the foundation of all dance movement and provides an excellent base for other forms of dance.

A powerful style of dancing that stresses stretching and strength. Jazz techniques also progress through levels of movements including turns and leaps. Jazz routines are set to contemporary music and are taught at appropriate age and technique levels.

Scottish and Irish in heritage, clogging is similar to tap, but has a style all its own. Cloggers are known for their fancy footwork and fast pace.

An interpretational form of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques to create an emotional style. Proper technique is stressed while also encouraging students to individually stylize the movements.

A form of “funky” dancing that emphasizes coordination and speed. Often these combinations involve performing different movements with each part of the body at the same time.

Ballet en pointe

The art and skill of floor gymnastics

The Classes Offered

Tiny Tots – introductory level coClasses Offered

Tiny Tots – introductory level combination class in Ballet and Tap (ages 3-4)

Minis – beginning level combination class in Ballet and Tap with little or no previous training (ages 5-6)

Petites – combination class in Ballet, Tap and Jazz (ages 7-9)

10-12 – a more concentrated class for each dance phase for ages 10-12 based on skill level

13+ – a more concentrated class for each dance phase for ages 13+ based on skill level

Pointe – intermediate/advanced class by teacher selection only

Hip Hop – beginning/intermediate level class for ages 7+

Clogging – beginning/intermediate level class for ages 7+

Adult Clogging – introductory/intermediate level class for adults(18+)

Adult Combo – introductory/intermediate level Ballet and Jazz class for adults (18+) 

Acro – three levels of tumbling for ages 3 and up. Based on skill; instructor will place student in appropriate class

**please note that ages are just a guideline for classes; students will be ultimately placed in the appropriate class based on technical ability**
mbination class in Ballet and Tap (ages 3-4)

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